S1B1 Dr Howard Awbery / Pilot episode


In this week’s show, we talk about time management, management dyads, triathlons, how to combat corporate burnout and something called ‘Pixie Dust’.

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Special guest

Our special guest this week is Dr Howard Awbery — Founder and Managing Director of Awbery Management Centre. A specialist in leadership and management development. Although Howard doesn't live or work in Manchester, he's been pivotal in my personal development and will be watching Twelve Scholars with great interest!


00:46 Introduction to Howard Awbery
01:46 Top tips for time management
04:40 Triathlons and lessons learned
06:00 Pixie Dust I... a tale of management dyads
08:22 Pixie Dust V... how to avoid corporate burnout
14:14 EGSP excellence framework and 'the art of leadership'
20:02 Final questions
23:43 Key lessons and practical advice
26:16 Close


Dr Howard Awbery (2015). Pixie Dust V: A tale of combatting corporations burnout - protecting your talent. ISBN 1784562297

Gill Edwards (1999). Living Magically - A new vision of reality. ISBN 9780749939984