S1E3 Ged King / Contribute to create change

Special guest

In this week's show we meet Ged King — founder of Skullfades and the Skullfades Foundation. Ged has established himself as a successful entrepreneur with a thriving barbershop. He also runs a charity committed to ending rough sleeping. He’s worked not only on improving on streets of Manchester, but also Paris and Calais.


01:52 Role models
04:52 Finding a bigger purpose
09:46 The Skullfades Foundation
14:56 Contributing through business
17:10 The six human needs model
21:30 Working example
24:16 Continuous and never ending improvement
25:24 Supporting the Foundation
27:24 Close


Skullfades Barbershop, Sale, Manchester. M33 7XN www.skullfades.co.uk

Tony Robbins www.tonyrobbins.com