S1E6 Geoff Liberman / Study successful people


Geoff's story is one from rags to riches... from growing up in a council house in North Manchester, he's travelled the world and now lives in a leafy suburb near Altrincham. He started his first business aged 25, and over the past 3 decades has built and sold many businesses. He credits much of his success to studying people such as Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. Find out more about how Geoff first got started.


02:04 Introduction
05:32 The subconscious mind
07:22 Geoff One and Geoff Two
08:00 Going the extra mile
11:44 Zig Ziglar and Co.
15:00 Recommended reading
16:52 Business success
21:06 Key learning points
22:18 Close


Research & Development Specialists

Rhinoceros Success, by Scott Alexander

Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews